GRLevelX Resources


Below are placefiles I've created for use in GRLevel3 and/or other Gibson Ridge products that support importing placefiles. These are free for anyone to use but please understand that I will only update these as I have time. If you notice an issue or have a request for other placefiles, please send me an email at


To use these placefiles with GRLevel3:

1) Highlight and copy the entire URL to the clipboard

2) In GR3, go to the 'Windows' menu and enable 'Show Placefile Manager'

3) In the Placefile Manager window, click the '+' button and paste the URL into the text field.

4) Click OK

The left check box enables/disables the placefile; the second check box toggles if it will always be on top or covered by radar product.

All of the WCARES linked repeater sites by frequency:

Winlink RMS Gateways around MidTN by callsign:

For additional resources, check out the following websites:




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